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Shorthand is essential for anybody whose qualifications is
Matric or Intermediate level and is planning to start his career as a Steno-typist or a Stenographer. Shorthand is alike important for journalists, reporters and editors and broadcasters. Authors could also benefit from using shorthand. Writing in shorthand can also be extremely useful for secretaries and people who regularly take notes in meetings.

PITMANSHORTHAND has introduced on line training. You can visit our website at
www.pitmanshorthand.webs.com  has now started an online course of Shorthand. This course is introduced for those who could not able to attend our classes in Rawalpindi. Minimum qualifications to learn Shorthand is simply Matric.


We have two semesters of six montha  duration.


After the completion of first semester you are expected that you will be writing Shorthand accurately at 40 wpm.


After the completion of the second semester you are expected to take dictation at the speed of 70 to 80 words per minute.


Extend your Pitman Shorthand vocabulary online with regular one-to-one and email tutorial support. The main emphasis is given on to:

a Increase your Shorthand Speed with dictation ranging from 40 to 80 words per minute
a You will require knowledge of the Pitman Shorthand(Old Course) theory
a You can practice your lessons when you have free time.
a Enrolment is must. After completion of the Registration we will be able to deliver our instructions and guidance on line to you.You then be able to listen  our lectures/ explanations, dictation and learning materials for a full one year, five days/ three days a week.
a Successful candidates will be awarded a Diploma.

The full tutorial support programme consists of 240 approximately one-to-one sessions, each lasting approximately one hour. In these sessions we will deliver lectures/ explanations and give dictation through web to enrolled registrants.

These sessions provide a total theory with dictation exercise through video conferencing by skype’s latest version, an induction, a diagnostic assessment, a tailored programme designed specifically to suit your needs, regular one-to-one tutorials, constructive feedback and a formative assessment at each week.
A computer(Pentium III or IV), a webcam, microphone and your id at Skype is required to start your learning Shorthand on line.

If you are interested to register with us and wants to continue your classes on line then you may contact us through e mail for further details or any information required by you: bluebirdconsultants@gmail.com  .

You can apply for registration just now.



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