Terms & Conditions For Individual and Group  Students.

Conditions of Enrolment.

  • Applicants must be over the age of 18.Presence of Guardian/Father is must  if below 18
  • On enrolment, a non-refundable deposit is payable. (All fees are subject to VAT at the ruling rate).
  • All Dishonoured cheques will incur an additional  charge of Rs.110.00 each, all training will be suspended until payment is then resolved i.e. paid in full.
  • Attendance must be regular and booked in advance.  Long-term absence without any notification or written information  may result in the cancellation of the whole course without refund.
  • The course length has been calculated to allow an average student the time to complete the course; however, this will depend on individual aptitude, as will the degree of proficiency achieved. 
  • All Training courses must be completed within the stipulated time and period.The time frame For Shorthand is 12 months for Shorthand Old Course and six months for New Course. Diploma courses/Speed Course will be within 06 months.  If the course is not completed within the time frame, and if the student wishes to continue the course, this is at the discretion of the Administration, and an additional fee may be payable.
  • All students must use the workbooks and materials specified for the course  and will be required to bring them to each lesson. Loan copies are not available.  Replacement of students’ books will be chargeable at the appropriate rate if supplied by the Training Centre.
  • We will make every effort to ensure the student reaches the required standard.  It must be appreciated that regular attendance and home practice where applicable is an integral part of the course. 2nd attempts at exams will incur a charge of Rs. 125 to cover examiners’ fees.  Failure of 2nd attempts will result in a “Course Completed” grade.
  • Exam papers passed or 2nd attempt fails are not returned, if you would like to request the return of your examination paper, there is a fee of £10 plus VAT.
  • Certificate re-prints are Rs.510 each.
  • Tutor-led courses/online courses – A request for Registration will only be considered as confirmed when payment is received.  The Administration of the  Bluebird Commercial Institute reserves the right to charge  rescheduling/cancellation fees as follows:
  • 15 working days prior to course date -No charge
  • 5 – 15 Working days prior to course date -  50% of the Course fee
  • Less than 5 working days  notification prior to course date - 100% of the Course fee.

·          Administration of the Bluebird Commercial Institute will endeavour to ensure that all tutor-led courses run on the specified dates.  However, in the unlikely event a course needing to be rescheduled, we will accept no liability whatsoever save for the return of the course fees paid if the delegate is unable or unwilling to reschedule.

1.      Training Centre does not supply stationery for home practice.

2.      Shorthand  Training Centre  is unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage to student's property.

3.      Shorthand  Training Centre  reserves the right to dismiss any student who is consistently disruptive or does not attend regularly for training.

4.      Students must not fail more than two 2nd Attempt exams required for their diploma certificate. If this requirement is not met individual certificates will be issued for the subjects passed.

5.      Any career advice given by Training Centre  should be treated as guidance only and should always be confirmed by other relevant independent sources.

6.      Smoking is not permitted on or around Training Centre property.

7.      Internet and email use is strictly prohibited.  The Administration   reserves the right to dismiss any client/student found abusing the centre’s internet capabilities or in viewing illicit or pornographic material. 

8.      Playing music is strictly prohibited. 

9.      Eating and smoking at the computer terminal is strictly prohibited.

10.  Making copies of any Shorthand  Training material e.g. audio and data files will result in expulsion without refund as this is an infringement of copyright law.

11.  This training centre is operated under Bluebird Commercial Institute.

12.  By signing below applicants and/or students confirm that they have read and agree to the terms and conditions as mentioned above

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Signed(by student/ or  Guardian/Father if under 18)

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